Throughout this decade-long reign, we have made it a point to put the development of our people first in all we do. It has not been easy executing the numerous social development projects, but my satisfaction stems from the realization that traditional rulers have a legitimate divine role to play in uplifting the plight of our people in Africa. African chiefs have a mandate to assert themselves, and utilize the abundant influence they possess in partnering central governments to deliver social and economic benefits to our people.

Sitting aloof and watching central governments alone to facilitate social development is the worst injustice we can ever visit on our own people. My fellow African traditional rulers have so much to offer their people.

At this point in time, when communities are demanding to fully participate in shaping their developmental dreams, it is obligatory on the part of community leaders, traditional and spiritual guides, to take their rightful places, and provide the expected visionary and transformational leadership for the people.

Through the establishment of the Otumfuo Osei Tutu II Charity Foundation, I have decided to serve the people of Ghana in a number of ways: educational and health development. In addition, I am also concerned about providing advocacy on health issues, provision of information and communication technologies, environmental conservation and protection, tourism development, and ensuring that our children attend and stay in schools.

The establishment of this foundation is an idea which is long overdue. We have so many projects lined-up for implementation, and I am confident that I can count on the support and continued generosity of all friends and well-wishers from the four corners of the Earth. Hand-In-Hand, we can fulfill the dream of building that critical mass of leaders and achievers for the African continent.

Join me as we help Africa open new pages in the development of its people.